Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics (hereafter referred to as “Code”) states the corporate ethical values according to which IGB directs its activities. They are particularly based on managerial transparency and ethical correctness. IGB manages its business according to national, EU and international regulations, rejecting any illegal practice. While carrying out their duties, executives, managers, employees and partners must comply with the current legislation established by the corporate government bodies. All business activities must be carried out in accordance with fair competition, honesty, integrity, decency and good faith, complying with the legitimate interests of employees, clients, business and financial partners, as well as the interests of the community to which the IGB Group, through its activities, belongs. Every person who works for the IGB Group, without any distinction or exception, must observe and enforce these principles within the  ambit of their duty and responsibility. Under no circumstance, the belief of acting for the benefit of IGB could justify a behavior conflicting with these principles.

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