Management Platform

IGB Consulting wanted to provide to its clients an innovative tool that facilitates the acquisition of information on the credit under management and assets entrusted, by creating the versatile platform IGBNet, which is simple and intuitive to use and is interfaced with the corporate web portal and connected to the main computer systems of clients and public debtors.

IGBNet currently stands out in 4 main sections:

  • IGBCredit

    This section, as well as allowing the internal management of data, allows you to inform the client in real time, who through data exchange or web service, will have access to the following information:

    • progress of the single administrative documents / claims processed;
    • access to internal documents prepared by the authorities in debt (certificates, money orders, etc);
  • IGBPhone

    This section allows you to effectively manage the phone collection activities thanks to a user-friendly interface that enables the reduction and the planning of the timing of intervention. Thus integrating the different communication tools in a synergistic optimization.

  • IGBCons

    This section supports consulting activities and financial planning, allowing the client a continuous monitoring of the progress of the tip of the practices and activities in place.

    The potential of IGBCons is represented by the possibility of giving deadlines to the various interventions and facilitate the filing of the necessary documents, making them available for consultation and integration.

    In addition, it assists in the due diligence activities aimed at evaluating the purchase / sale of the credit held by banks and other institutional investors.

  • IGBLegal

    This section is designed as a support to legal assistance and debt collection. The receivables managed are updated in real time and can be consulted directly by clients via remote access to the data of interest, such as:

    • status of the procedure;

    • postponements of the hearing;

    • allow judicial measures;

    • additional documentation prepared by the court;

    • outcome of the procedures undertaken.