Financial Consulting

IGB Consulting, thanks to years of experience and the technical skills of its professional staff , is able to offer qualified consulting services regarding leadership and corporate finance.  The privileged relationship with leading credit operators and the world of investors has allowed our firm to assist companies and traders in their different life stages.

For example IGB provides assistance:

  • In defining development projects and related business plans with thorough analysis of the economical and financial profiles;
  • Identifying the most appropriate sources of funding to sustaine the business projects accompanying economic operators in the selection phase, the presentation of counterparties and obtaining credit or admission to the financing;
  • The adoption stage of the most effective tools to factor trade receivables against Italian and foreign operators (forfait, factoring, etc.);
  • Obtaining the most suitable insurance coverage to protect your business from the risks of credit also in foreign operations.
    The expertise and the ability to be close to the client, make IGB the ideal partner to plan and also realize finance transactions where IGB is able to assist companies in both Merger & Acquisition and Capital Raising.
  • M & A activities include all acquisitions and disposals of business branches, mergers and spin-offs, strategic partnerships, joint ventures and appraisals. In the second instead, are included all the operations of research for financial partners (Private Equity).

To support clients in achieving their goals IGB provides:

  • Its network of direct contacts with leading financial investors, Italian and international (Private equity funds, venture capital funds, investment funds with public capital, financial investment, investment banks, etc.);
  • Assistance in the preparation of industrial business plans to be presented to potential
  • Due diligence aimed at the acquisition of credit by banks and institutional investors;
  • Research and identification of potential financial and /or industrial investors;
  • Assistance to the client in the evaluation of tenders received and in the identification of the counterparty with which to start exclusive negotiations;
  • Negotiating contracts and shareholders' agreements and assistance to the client in concluding the transaction.
  • The IGB Cons application, on which activities are monitored, is a modern tool that IGB Consulting has developed to support the diverse needs of its clients.