Internationalization Services

IGB Consulting, thanks to partnerships with leading companies, is able to offer internationalization services.

Thinking about a company today , means evaluating its potential in terms of the demand in a global market, assess the difficulties of the market in terms of competitors who operate on the global market and therefore also evaluate the amount of resources that the market as a whole provides enterprises.

Foreign markets are an opportunity , but are not distinctly practicable for everyone.

To cross national borders with some advantage , a company which wants to export for example, must meet the following requirements:

  • economic and financial stability ;
  • quality products suited for target markets ;
  • competitive prices ;
  • a reliable information system;
  • resources ( time, money , personnel ) to invest.

Finally, a sure success factor for a company that wants to internationalize is to have interlocutors and reliable foreign counterparts : IGB Consulting is the reference point for small and medium sized enterprises in southern Italy and a reliable partner to introduce new products and services.​