Special Projects

IGB Consulting is committed to implementing “special” projects  that will produce new synergies and provide growth opportunities for our clients.

Furthermore, IGB Consulting is active in projects with a strong social commitment.
Our projects in progress:

  • IGB International

    the opening of new locations in some countries of the European Community are in progress. This will enable IGB Consulting to deal with different markets, using the experience gained over the years and applying them to the specificities of the territories. Clients can thus use our services in other states, or to evaluate the growing job opportunities in an increasingly growing global market.

  • University Partnerhip

    a training and orientation program has been signed with the "University of Naples Parthenope " which provides two types of student internships: undergraduate training and orientation and  postgraduate training and orientation.

    IGB Consulting Spa is in partnership for the placement with Masterandskills Business school:
    Memotef Department, University of Rome "La Sapienza" and Department of social studies, University of Naples "Federico II". 


  • IGB Onlus

    IGB Consulting is a promoter in founding a non-profit association, whose purpose will be devoted to supporting and protecting children.